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Be Project "Stands Up" Against Bullying for Bullying Awareness Week

by Emily Roberts | Nov 12, 2012

November 12-16, 2012 is National Bullying Awareness Week, The Family Place Be Project Premieres Bentley Green's Newly Updated Anti-Bullying Song to Kick-off Bullying Awareness Week! Listen. Stand Up. Visit Be Project at to hear.

Be Project has put together a week long events to stand up against bullying. Click here to download the events or view below.

Monday: Mix it Up Monday! Wear mixed up patterns. Step outside of your group of friends. Sit with someone new at lunch. Hang out with someone new at school.

Bullying is when a person or group of people intentionally act in a way that is emotionally, physically, or socially harmful towards another person on a repeated basis. 20% of students in grades 9–12 experienced bullying and 28% of students in grades 6–12 experienced bullying. One of the best things you can do to end bullying is to be kind to others, especially if you think they are being bullied. *Consider watching and discussing one of the videos on the "Get Involved" Page.

Tuesday: Take a Stand Tuesday! Wear your favorite pair of boots to Stand Up against bullying. Sign the school wide pledge against bullying today to show your support.

Most students who see bullying want to do something about it. Check out what students like you have done to Stand Up against bullying. *Consider watching and discussing one of the videos on the "Get Involved" Page.

Wednesday: Web Wednesday! Wear neon to show how you stand out online against cyberbullying. Send a positive text, tweet or Facebook post to someone who might need it. Call out bullying online when you see it.

Over 40% of all teens reported being bullied online during the past year. Cyberbullying is any form of bullying that uses technology such as the internet, social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), text messages or emails. It can happen 24/7, is often done anonymously, ignored by others, and not reported.

Thursday: Teaming up Thursday! Wear your favorite jersey or team gear to show that you are on the Upstander Team!

Peers are present during 88% of bullying incidents. Bystanders who passively watch ignore, or join in on the bullying become part of the problem. Upstanders who Stand Up and have the courage to intervene help to stop bullying. When peers intervene, bullying can stop in less than 10 seconds! *Consider "Acknowledging Upstanders" from Get Involved page.

Friday: Purple Out Friday! Purple is the official color of the Be Project. Wear purple with us and all of our schools to show that when united, we can end bullying.

Standing Up to bullying is everyone’s job. Continue talking with peers and others in your community about how we can end bullying. Read the Pledge and share how many students signed it.

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