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Partners Card 20th Anniversary Success Highlighted in PinkMemo

by Emily Roberts | Jan 10, 2013

Partners Card Celebrates 20th Anniversary Success at Bachendorf's

by Maxine Trowbridge
PinkMemo Dallas

Before 2012 ended with holiday festivities The Family Place celebrated the success of its 20th anniversary for Partners Card at Bachendorf’s on Preston Road with the results wrap-up party.


Bank of Texas Cass Robinson and Partners Card 2012 co-chairs Gay Donnell, Kathryn Henry and Dawn Spalding

Bank of Texas Cass Robinson and Partners Card 2012 co-chairs Gay Donnell, Kathryn Henry and Dawn Spalding.

Katy Duvall and Nancy Scripps

Katy Duvall and Nancy Scripps.

John Hardy jewels sparkled on models during the cocktail reception and trunk show as Paige Flink Executive Director for The Family Place, along with Partners Card Co-Chairs Kathryn Henry, Gay Donnell and Dawn Spalding, revealed the final results for this milestone event.

Paige Flink and Lynn McBee

Paige Flink and Lynn McBee.

 Melissa Sherrill and Shivangi Pokharel

 Melissa Sherrill and Shivangi Pokharel.

Top card sellers, volunteers, supporters and guests celebrated—topping the $1M mark for the second year in a row, the 2012 Partners Card shopping extravaganza achieved a stunning $1, 115, 854.00. Partners Card is the largest fundraiser for The Family Place, and this significant sum will go directly to families in need of support from family violence. Dallas you should feel proud! The Family Place.

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