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Mary Clare Finney Hosted 2014 ReuNight Letter Signing For The Family Place’s October Fundraising Supper

by Emily Roberts | Jul 02, 2014
Mary Clare Finney Hosted 2014 ReuNight Letter Signing For The Family Place’s October Fundraising Supper

July 1, 2014
by Jeanne Prejean

Letter-signing gatherings can verge on being ho-hum occasions. Guests are handed pens and a stack of hundreds and hundreds of letters to personalize about a worthy cause or event. But the one that took place on Thursday, June 17th, was well worth getting a major hand cramp for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it took place at Mary Clare Finney’s to-die-for estate. While it was a wee bit too warm to be outdoors, the Finney dining room was divine. Why, shoot, it’s perfect for a state dinner!

Second, the letters to be signed were announcing plans for the October 22nd ReuNight benefiting The Family Place. And speaking of places, it will return to the Place at Perry’s. Also returning will be Merrill Lynch Private Bank Investment Group as the presenting sponsor!

Snapshot recall of last year: Guests at last year’s fundraiser experienced fabulous cuisine, loads of wine, singing by Mary Clare and Matthew Simon and a collection to party-hearty types like Nancy Rogers, Mayor Mike Rawlings,Jody DeanSuzanne McGeeTroy SchiermeyerKeenan DelaneyEric Reeves,Janet and Phil Cobb, Kim Daulton Wynne and Shannon Wynne, Linda Gray, Kris Johnson, Piper and Mike Wyatt, Robert Weatherly, Sue and Jim Gragg, Heather and Bill Esping, Muffin Lemak, Kathy Crow and Jennifer and Cody Clark

In fact some of them like DeeDee and Jim LeeClaire and Dwight EmanuelsonShelby WagnerNiven Morgan and Gillian Breidenbach joined 2014 ReuNight Co-Chairs Mary Clare and Kayla and Brian Roughton at the letter signing.

But be prepared. This fun-raising fundraiser is not going to have thousands in attendance. No, siree. It’s going to be limited to just 150.

If the letter hasn’t arrived in your mailbox, give it a day or two. But don’t wait. Go ahead and get your reservations in.

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