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We provide everything family violence victims need to be safe—a hotline, safe housing, legal help, supervised visitation, counseling for victims and abusers, and community education.

The Family Place BRAVE
Boys Rising Against Violence Everyday

The BRAVE program is for adolescent boys who have engaged in abusive behavior toward family members and/or in dating relationships. Definition...Abuse may include emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, and verbal abuse. 

How the Program Works:

  • Initial two hour family session
  • 12 weekly 75 minute sessions
  • Two hour closure session

Types of Groups:

  • Group one - Ages 11 to 14
  • Group two - Ages 14 to 17

Who is appropriate for BRAVE?

  • The adolescent is a male between the ages of 14 and 17.
  • The adolescent has been or is currently abusive toward family members and/or in dating relationships.

The Adolescent is NOT Appropriate for group if:

  • The adolescent’s abusive behavior is directed primarily toward people outside the family (e.g., peers, strangers), rather than towards family members and/or in dating relationships.
  • The adolescent is reported to be suicidal or self-injurious; to exhibit extreme behaviors such as total withdrawal and lack of communication; experiencing other untreated mental health issues; currently abusing alcohol and/or drugs.

Note: All Dallas County Juvenile Department referrals must be submitted to the BRAVE program through the JIS.

Click here to download the BRAVE flyer. 

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