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38% of Texas women have experienced intimate partner violence. The Family Place keeps victims safe and works to prevent family violence.


In 2013, The Family Place provided services in Spanish and in English to a total of 11,758 clients. Since 1978, we have counseled more than 192,000 clients, provided lifesaving shelter to more than 21,000 women, children and men, and answered more than 525,000 calls for help. We have helped more than 16,000 batterers learn how to change their abusive behavior and reach approximately 6,000 students each year through our youth education programs.

  • According to the FBI, family violence is the leading cause of injury to women.
  • 38% of Texas women—more than one in three—have experienced intimate partner violence in their lifetime. (Texas Council on Family Violence)
  • 70% of the children of abused women are also physically abused, and 20% are sexually abused. The majority of abusive men were either abused as children or witnessed their mothers being abused. (WomenKind, Inc.)
  • Direct healthcare costs associated with domestic violence are estimated at more than $4.1 billion annually; productivity losses associated with injuries and death are estimated at more than $1.8 billion annually. (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control journal Violence and Victims

Family Violence in Dallas

  • In 2011, the Dallas Police Department Family Violence Unit reported 13,733 family violence calls resulting in 1,239 aggravated assaults, 16 murders, 11,529 assaults, 127 offenses against children, 66 rapes and 632 other related offenses including kidnapping, stalking, vandalism and robbery.
  • According to the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, in 2011, there were 9,344 requests for Protective Orders, 1,173 victims screened for Protective Orders, 1,259 qualified applicants, 713 Protective Orders filed, and 713 new Protective Orders granted.
  • The 2011 Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance Point-in-Time Homeless Count found 5,783 people living on Dallas streets or in shelters, up slightly from the 5,750 counted in 2010. The 2011 count included 1,106 children and 51 unaccompanied youth. Domestic abuse/family problems were listed as the reason for homelessness by 27% of the population. Without these emergency shelter services, these victims would be forced to return to their batterers or other unsafe housing and would be at great risk for further victimization.

Click here to view more statistics from the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

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