Will You Help?

by Emily Roberts | Mar 25, 2020
The Family Place is the first responder when a victim of family violence needs shelter. 

What if your home was not a safe place? What if sheltering at home was the most dangerous place you could be? We've received calls from people being locked in rooms or stuck inside with their abuser because he's afraid she will contract COVID-19 if she leaves the house. Stress and financial struggles are also known to trigger abuse.

This is what many people in abusive situations are currently facing. Records show that domestic violence hotline calls have increased in the midst of COVID-19, and we have already seen that to be true.
The Family Place is here to serve and provide resources for those in need. We continue to take clients in our emergency shelters regardless of their symptoms. Once housed we take steps to get them testing if appropriate, medical care if needed, and isolation if necessary.
In critical times, we are encouraged by how our community comes together to support one another. We need your financial support as we continue to provide safety and healing to victims of family violence. 

Please make a donation today so we can continue to provide life-saving services to anyone who needs them.

Thank you for your support of The Family Place,
Paige Flink, CEO
P.S. For more insight on how were our helping our community during this time, read this interview on WFAA Channel 8.