TFP CEO Paige Flink responds to Cowboys interest in Greg Hardy

by Emily Roberts | Mar 18, 2015
What participants at Dallas Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women think about Cowboys interest in Greg Hardy

March 18, 2015
by David Moore
The Dallas Morning News

Greg Hardy’s visit with the Cowboys should wrap up later today.

Also scheduled to wrap up later today is the 10thAnnual Conference on Crimes Against Women.

The three-day conference is taking place in a hotel in downtown Dallas just miles away from where the Cowboys host Hardy. The defensive end’s history of violence – his conviction for assaulting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend was recently overturned when the accuser failed to appear for trial – is the sort of story used to help educate law enforcement, advocates, medical personnel and others on the issues surrounding domestic abuse.

Paige Flink is the CEO of The Family Place shelter. She said the allegations against Hardy sound damaging but stressed they didn’t ultimately result in a conviction. If the club does sign Hardy, she suggests the Cowboys make him attend batterer’s intervention and prevention classes as a condition of employment.

“People can change,’’ Flink said.

The Genesis Women’s Shelter, along with the Dallas Police Department, sponsors this conference. Jan Langbein, the CEO of Genesis Women’s Shelter, said it takes more than winning to make a football team successful. She said the city wants to be proud of the Cowboys and stated they can do better than signing someone with a background of violence.

Langbein emphasized the need for zero tolerance regardless of wealth or status and questioned if Hardy would be hired if he wasn’t a high-profile professional athlete.

“There shouldn’t be an exception no matter who you are,’’ she said. “Are we that easily bought?’’

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