Read how we were there to help Julia 35 years ago

by Emily Roberts | Dec 06, 2013

Family violence victims need your help. We are so glad that The Family Place was there to help Julia 35 years ago. Read her story below...

Dear The Family Place,

In June of 1978 —35 years ago— I married an attorney and moved to Kansas. The marriage became almost immediately verbally abusive and ultimately physically and sexually abusive. I returned to Dallas at the end of October that same year, totally broken in spirit. My husband’s behavior was something I’d never before experienced. Someone told me of a new agency that was dealing specifically with domestic violence—a new buzzword with which I was unfamiliar. It called itself The Family Place. I called the telephone number and there—and only there—received a blunt assessment of the situation. The person on the other end firmly told me that if I did return and my husband refused to deal with his behavior that there was a 100% chance that the violence would recur - and that it would escalate.

That phone call likely saved my life and absolutely saved my sanity. When I insisted on my husband getting counseling before I agreed to return, predictably he attended only 3 sessions before declaring that he had no problem needing solving. Rather than returning, I filed for divorce. I don’t believe that there was much more to The Family Place at that time other than the hotline, but even the hotline alone made an impact. This is not only the 35th anniversary of this organization but my survival as well.

I am so very grateful for what this organization provided to me with only the information given in a single phone call.  Multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of phone calls taken—not to mention those provided with shelter and counseling; the impact of The Family Place is nothing short of staggering.

Forever Grateful,

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