Please take a moment to read this letter from Jeanne

by Emily Roberts | Dec 11, 2013

Read Jeannes letter to The Family Place

I received this letter today from a client we helped in 1978 who is filled with appreciation for the change The Family Place brought to her life.

Dear Paige,
I could write a book about how much gratitude I have for The Family Place, what I have gotten out of group counseling, and the many 'ah hah' moments that presented themselves there. I’ve been in the house the last few days with this ice storm trying to put my thoughts into words. As I walked outside, I realized I was recalling the ice storm of 1978 and how horribly trapped and beaten I was, shot and battered, just hoping to find a place to rest my head.
You gave me a safe place in 1978 to tend to my wounds and sleep without fear. But later in life, once again, The Family Place became my place to explore why I couldn’t find a good relationship. The last relationship I had was seven years long. After the first year or two, he started the process of isolating me from my friends, talking down to me, and eventually twisting off and disappearing to punish me. Thankfully I had my group at The Family Place to help me work through it from A-Z and realize that I was repeating another abusive relationship in my life—the relationship I had with my dad. I joked about it in group, but these men even looked alike and had the same first name. Odd but true.
Counseling helped me learn about trauma bonds and triggers and how to begin to move beyond them. I am so grateful that The Family Place was there for me.

Every day The Family Place provides safe shelter
and caring counselors for women like Jeanne,
helping them make powerful discoveries that
positively change their lives and their children’s lives.

There are many places you can make a contribution,
but few will have the lasting impact of
breaking the cycle of violence in someone's life.

Please help change a life today by giving generously.

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