Because I could not say no from Paige Flink

by Emily Roberts | Dec 16, 2015

Because I couldn't say no...

I am writing you today at a critical juncture to support the operations of The Family Place for 2015. We are facing a huge deficit and must raise critical funds before December 31, 2015.
This predicament is my fault because I can’t say no to women, children and men whose lives are in danger because of family violence. When our shelter was full, I couldn’t tell these victims that there was no room for them. So we spent $147,000 on hotels in 2015 so we wouldn’t have to turn them away into the face of danger. Many of these rooms were for men who we can’t serve at our Safe Campus.

  • Because I couldn’t say no to providing healthier meals for clients living on our Safe Campus, we spent $174,000 this year on food—a 63 percent increase in our food budget.
  • Because I couldn’t say no to women who needed childcare so that they could look for work and find better jobs, we spent $123,000 on daycare in the community.
  • Because I couldn’t say no to women who needed the resources to move into safe apartments and start new lives, we spent $26,000 on moving costs.

All of these expenses directly benefited clients because we didn’t say no.

As the largest provider of domestic violence services in the state of Texas, we are committed to being here for those who need us when they need us most. We hold strongly to the idea that victims' injuries and deaths are identifiable, knowable and preventable—if we are here to answer the calls for help.
Please join me—don’t say no to these vulnerable victims. Every dollar counts. Your support of our services will help us keep them safe.
Paige Flink, CEO

2015 Hoilday - Paige Flink - Because I couldnt say no