MySweetList 2016- The Family Place

by Emily Roberts | Jan 04, 2016

MySweetList 2016: The Family Place

December 30, 2015
by Jean Prejean

As we get ready to enter into 2016, take a moment to read The Family Place CEO Paige Flink's 2016 MySweetList in MySweetCharity!

"What do I wish? I wish women and children were safe from violence at home. I wish there were not so many people in our community who need help to escape family violence, making it hard for us to fill all the requests for shelter. I wish The Family Place had to close because no one needed our services.

“But in reality, the demand for help ofte...n exceeds our ability to help. So, instead, I have to wish that our amazing supporters will continue to be generous and give to The Family Place so we can be there to say ‘Yes, there is a room for you in the shelter tonight.’

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