40 Stories for 40 Years: Kager Howard

by Emily Roberts | Jun 29, 2018

Kager Howard swore she would never be a victim of domestic violence before she even knew there was a name for it. But she did. Kager heard about The Family Place from a volunteer while seeking counseling for her 12-year-old daughter who had witnessed Kager being abused. Soon Kager began going to counseling as well and was a client at our Southern Dallas Counseling Center for two years.

"The counselor was instrumental in helping me discover who I was and how to start loving myself. The-group meetings were life changing," she says. "Being able to talk to someone who understood without judgement created an atmosphere for self growth, truth and healing."

One night in 2006, Kager had dinner with a friend and made plans to see her again the next weekend. When it came time to see her again Kager could not reach her—her friend’s ex-husband had killed her the night after they had dinner.

"Her death devastated me and caused me to shut down for several years thinking I could have done more," Kager says. "I no longer walk in shame or fear but I choose to speak out in hope that my story can influence others to make the decision to get out before it's too late."

Kager is now a member of The Family Place’s Ladies of Leadership and says the group has been instrumental in helping her overcome the fear of speaking publicly against domestic violence. 

"I am forever grateful to The Family Place for inspiring my desire to help victims of domestic violence Get Out, Stay out and Pay Out," she says. "We do this by healing ourselves and others and not becoming victims again."