40 Stories for 40 Years: Fanchon Scaife

by Emily Roberts | Aug 01, 2018

Fanchon Scaife first experienced an abusive relationship when she was in junior high school. Many other abusive relationships followed, each with a different face. The most threatening came when her daughter’s father beat and tried to suffocate her. Her daughter was not present at the time, but the aftermath of the incident affected not only her and her daughter but also others close to them. Even her employer felt threatened by Fanchon’s abuser.

As she was in the process of healing from the abusive relationships, Fanchon met a counselor from The Family Place at a church meeting. She and her daughter started attending individual and group counseling sessions at our Southern Dallas Counseling Center.

“It helped immensely to personally know, listen and talk to others who had gone through similar situations,” she says. “We grew tremendously through that life experience by utilizing the tools we were given at The Family Place, many of which focused on self-esteem.”

Fanchon now owns Heaven's Jewel, a T-shirt business that promotes women’s empowerment, and Heaven's Jewel Estates, a real estate investing/ broker business. She has written a children's book entitled I'm Not Afraid of You and is a member of The Family Place’s Ladies of Leadership and Toastmasters.

"The goal is to shine light from my core,” Fanchon says. “Instead of letting the layers of hard times in my life dim my light, I choose to turn them into mirrors that reflect and enhance it, all by the power of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”