To establish an avenue for Spanish speakers to have no fear addressing domestic violence through bilingual resources at The Family Place.


ADVOCACY: Increase outreach efforts in the Hispanic community to help the community understand what The Family Place does.

RESOURCES:  Make it possible to deliver informational forms in Spanish to clients and potential clients. Provide help finding resources to deliver presentations in Spanish and finding resources to present information about The Family Place in Spanish.

FACTS: Economic insecurity combined with isolation, racism and discrimination shape how Hispanics respond to domestic violence. Hispanics are often more afraid of what will happen if they report abuse than they are of the violence or abuse they are enduring. This partially explains underreporting of domestic violence or abuse in the Hispanic community.

Hispanics may not seek help in abusive situations because of:

  • Language barrier, cultural or religious views
  • Distrust of law enforcement or social services
  • Desire for service providers who look like them and speak Spanish
  • Legal status
  • Pressure from their community to keep family matters private

Latino Voices for the Battered: Paying it forward against domestic violence
Members of The Family Place's Hispanic Advisory Council were featured on the cover of
Infórmate DFW! Click here to read the feature.

Recent Hispanic Advisory Accomplishments

  • Translated eight forms for The Family Place clients from English to Spanish
  • Located schools to do Spanish presentations
  • Completed Hispanic organizations list to use as an outreach resource
  • Expanded membership in the Hispanic Advisory Council
  • Assembled bags of toiletries for clients